Thoughtful Streaming on a Budget

Netflix: $19.99 (premium).  HBO Max: $14.99 (no ads). Disney Bundle: $13.99. Amazon Prime: $14.99. Paramount Plus:  $10 (premium).

You get the point: streaming is expensive, especially for young Calvin grads with liberal arts degrees. And this isn’t even that excessive of a Roku lineup, absent some significant services, many live sports packages, and regular rental costs. Yet, to stream in 2023—these are “the essentials.” (With the exception of Paramount—let’s be honest. Do you really need that one?)

And, unfortunately, they are all garbage. Or, at least, they feed you garbage—designed from the ground up to keep your eyes glued to their services as long as possible, with as few distractions as possible. While I have nothing against popular entertainment, you shouldn’t have to spend a fortune creating a library of expensive streaming services to have a simulacrum of a thoughtful digital library.

And the good news is: you don’t have to! Here is a quick and easy guide to more thoughtful streaming on a budget.

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