Special Delivery is Serviceable but not Special

An intentional riff on Baby Driver staring Park So-dam and Jung Hyeon-jun, two of the most internationally recognizable faces working in Korean cinema thanks to the globally acclaimed ParasitePark Dae-min’s Special Delivery first came onto my radar in July when it made the rounds on Film Twitter thanks in part to high praise from screenwriter C. Robert Cargill (SinisterDoctor Strange). “A must for Asian action movie fans,” he claimed. Hesitant because I’ve learned my taste and Cargill’s dramatically differ, it still piqued my interest. The high-energy trailer looked like a fun time—and I thought Park So-dam, as the sister in Parasite, was the film’s best talent after Song Kang-ho. 

While it’s a perfectly decently entertaining hour and a half, unfortunately, it might not even be the best Korean car-based film of 2022—a far cry from a “must watch.” 

Read the full review at the Boston Hassle.

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