BPFF Review: Little Palestine: Diary of a Siege

A little over a year ago, Yarmouk was the largest Palestinian refugee camp in the world. A long-term siege by Syrian forces that killed 181 people, a brief ISIS reign, and a destructive bombing campaign by the Russian Federation later, Yarmouk has been almost completely battered and its inhabitants scattered across the world (or, for many, the next one). This real-time documentary witnesses some of the camp’s last moments of structured life.

I haven’t seen any of the Western produced, journalist-adjacent documentaries about the present Ukrainian conflict, but I suspect they have a doomsday gravitas to them—almost like propaganda to make the NATO-influenced world care. Little Palestine: Diary of a Siege is not made for the same audience, and it’s not made to make you care. It’s made for the besieged, for the Palestinians, for the Syrians in diaspora.

Continue reading at the Boston Hassle.

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