‘Poser’ Is a Bit of a Poser

“In the fourteenth century, the great minds of the time gathered in Florence —sharing music, poetry, fashion. Old North is like modern Florence,” says the timid and deadpan Lennon Gates (Sylvie Mix), a perpetual podcaster and recorder of sounds of the music scene in Columbus, Ohio. She believes this with full sincerity— and as the title of the film Poser suggests, she so desperately wants to be part of the scene.

Set in the ultra-local indie music in Columbus, directors Ori Segev and Noah Dixon wisely populate their affectionately-shot indie film with real performers from the local scene, most notably Bobbi Kitten (as herself) from Damn the Witch Siren. 

Lennon records interviews for her podcast about the musicians in Old North but never produces a complete episode. In between stealing lyrics from her interview subjects, she becomes infatuated with the queer-coded and transgressive Bobbi Kitten, whose music is described as speaking to sexual awakenings. Bobbi’s musical partner, Z Wolf (himself), wears a wolf mask (more Creep than furry) the entire film but mostly lurks in the background.

Read the full review at the Bay Area Reporter.

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