‘Carter’ is a Visceral Trainwreck

The common refrain to identify relentlessly visceral action movies as a “roller coaster ride” misses what makes roller coasters fun: the anticipation of the climb preceding the downfall. When a movie is truly incessantly violent, like The Raid or Mad Max: Fury Road, a car accident might be a more accurate descriptor. The point, more or less, is the spectacle itself. Writer and director Jung Byung-gil’s Carter might be more like a twelve-car train wreck.

In what’s basically The Bourne Identity meets Hardcore Henry directed by a would-be Michael Bay, a man (Joo Won) wakes up with no memories and is told he’s a North Korean spy named “Carter” on the run from the CIA. And he has a bomb in his tooth. And he must listen to the voice in his ear or his daughter who he doesn’t remember will die. And there are zombies. 

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