A Personal, Indefatigable Superhero Outing

The Suicide Squad feels like the twilight of the age of superhero movies, making way for a new form of megablockbuster to exchange places. And if it turns out to be the final moment of light for the genre, it was one of the most unique and indefatigable outings it ever had.

A soft reboot from the 2016’s Suicide Squad, this entry reunites that film’s only surviving major characters: Harley Quinn (Margot Robbie) who needs no introduction; Rick Flag (Joel Kinnaman), the one morally straight member to walk alongside the scum of the DCEU; and the impossibly likable Amanda Waller (Viola Davis). Like the 2016 film, the Belle Reve prison members all have unique abilities and are given a chance to reduce the length of their incarceration by completing a mission. In this case, their mission is to eradicate all information about Project Starfish in the fictional island-nation of Corto Maltese, whose new president wants to use the mysterious weapon stored in an ugly concrete tower called Jotunheim against the United States.

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