“Nobody” is more Trumpist than “John Wick”

Nobody, written by Derek Kolstad of John Wick fame (and produced by David Leitch from the Wick directorial team), makes no false pretenses in its practical re-creation of the Wick franchise—a former super-fighting-badass attempts domestic retirement but a traumatic incident resurrects their former life. Except Nobody is much more political. John Wick came out in 2014—before the presidency of Donald Trump—and, in most accounts, was rather apolitical. Post-Trump, Nobody feels intentionally reflective of the Trump presidency, but unlike most mainstream movies in the Trump/post-Trump era, Nobody has a dark conservative streak.

Hutch Mansell, played as a coffee-in-hand family man by Bob Odenkirk, lived a former life as an “auditor” for the military—an auditor of the “three-letter agencies,” that is. When he was hired, nobody from these agencies, presumably the CIA and the FBI, would be left alive. Whereas Keanu Reeves’ John Wick acts separate from any governmental power, Hutch is a military man. His job eradicating workers from “three-letter agencies” also seems to be a significant conservative addition after the firing of FBI head James Comey and following the Mueller investigation. A rogue military man in opposition to the FBI certainly seems like a protagonist Trump would admire.

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