30 countries, 30 movies, 30 days

This is adapted from my Letterboxd list, where I will be reviewing each movie that I watch.

I’ve decided to curate a list of films from around the world that I haven’t seen to expand my intake of world cinema. 

This largely comes from my own conviction that the whole Film Bro “Modern cinema isn’t creative anymore” argument comes from a place largely ignorant of non-English cinema. Here is my list of 30 films from 30 countries. I’ve attempted to maintain a variety in terms of genre, budget, and accessibility. The movies have been chosen for a combination of critical consensus (both American and their native critics), box office records, international awards, streaming availability, and popularity. As a result, some choices come from art-house auteurs and other choices are simply the most popular film ever produced in the country. A few were chosen based on recommendations from my favorite critics, like Richard Brody’s Best of the Decade/Century lists. 

I have also attempted to include a more gender diverse list than a normal intake of 30 movies. 

All options will be available on a large streaming platform, and I’ve kept the list to under five rentals. For Amazon, if there is no “rental” then it should be free. 

These are intended to be watched within a 30 day period, but it doesn’t need to start on the 1st. For example, tomorrow is the 16th, so I’ll start with Walking Too Fast/Pouta. Please let me know if you enjoyed this and would like a similar challenge: 

Day 1 — Bosnia: Circus Columbia (Amazon rental/Apple rental)

Day 2 — Uruguay: Whisky (Amazon)

Day 3 — Turkey: Winter Sleep (Kanopy) 

Day 4 — Senegal: Atlantics (Netflix)

Day 5 — Japan: Shin Godzilla (Amazon)

Day 6 — Chile: The Club (Kanopy/Shudder)

Day 7 — Belgium: Racer and the Jailbird (Hulu)

Day 8 — Israel: Blush (Kanopy/Tubi)

Day 9 — Mexico: Biutiful (HBO Go)

Day 10 — Hungry: The Turin Horse (Kanopy/Fandor/Amazon rental)

Day 11 — Columbia: Birds of Passage (Hulu/HBO Go) 

Day 12 — Morocco: Horses of God (Kanopy)

Day 13 — Chad: A Screaming Man (Amazon/Kanopy)

Day 14 — France: Holy Motors (Roku Channel/Kanopy/Vudu free)

Day 15 — China: Wrath of Silence (Amazon/Kanopy)

Day 16 — Czech Republic: Walking Too Fast/Pouta (YouTube, Apple rent)

Day 17 — South Korea: Pieta (Vudu free)

Day 18 — Sweden: We Are the Best! (Roku Channel, Tubi)

Day 19 — The Philippines: Heneral Luna (Netflix)

Day 20 — Vietnam: The Scent of Green Papaya (Kanopy/Hoopla/Fandor/Amazon Rental)

Day 21 — Brazil: The Boy and the World (Netflix)

Day 22 — India: Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara (Netflix)

Day 23 — Finland: Rare Exports: A Christmas Tale (Hulu)

Day 24 — Kenya: Kati Kati (Amazon)

Day 25 — Spain: Magical Girl (Kanopy)

Day 26 — Germany: Hagazussa (Shudder/Amazon)

Day 27 — Nigeria: The Wedding Party (Netflix)

Day 28 — Argentina: Zama (Amazon) 

Day 29 — Taiwan: A Time to Live, a Time to Die  (Amazon)

Day 30 — Russia: The Return (Kanopy/Mubi/Amazon rental)

And just in case you don’t want to rent or would like alternatives for some other reason, here are a few more options from some of the staples of international cinema: 

China: Operation Red Sea (Netflix) 

South Korea: Save the Green Planet! (Kanopy)

Greece: Suntan (Kanopy)

Thailand: Bad Genius (Netflix)

Chile: The Blind Christ (Netflix)

India: Baahubali: The Beginning (Netflix) 

Italy: Happy as Lazzaro (Netflix)South Korea: The Good, the Bad, the Weird (Hulu)

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