An Intimate, Moving Phoebe Bridgers Concert

Phoebe Bridgers and her four-member band transported a packed house at the Ladies Literary Club with their mellow and somber performance. 

Since the September release of her debut album, “Stranger in the Alps,” the 23 year old indie folk/indie pop singer has been touring the country playing concert venues with her band, featuring a variety of opening acts. For the show at Ladies Literary Club, Lomelda led the way. 

Lomelda, an alternative solo indie artist from Texas, primarily used a table full of professional technology that played her premade loops, in addition to singing while playing the guitar. Her performance was unique and even comedic, as the audience was encouraged to laugh along with her.

Bridgers and her four band members were dressed in all black. These dark costumes, in addition with the album cover on the back wall of her childhood dog with a sheet-ghost pictured over top of it, aided the songs in projecting an obscure mood.

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